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March is craft month. Lots of people have been getting crafty. I do not consider myself a crafter. Sewing and whatnot has never been a hobby. Since I learned to sew as a pre-teen I have been making clothing and other items for myself and family and friends. At one point it was a neccesity to sew. I made all of my girls dresses when they were little. It is when children grow up that the cost of making a dress vs. buying one comes into the picture and often it is more cost wise to buy an item than to try and make it. But still I persist and run across a great bargain on fabrics and make my girls a dress or skirt or blouse or vest or whatever they want at the moment. Or I quilt and sew other things. I was looking in a fabric warehouse and ran across a series of retro prints that caught my attention. They beckoned me hither.
I looked at the price tag and shivered. Even at a discount they were a bit pricey. They each whispered to me in a symphony of voices to take them home. Singing sweetly in my ear trying to seduce me with their beauty. When that didn't melt my steel belted heart they began begging and pleading and crying out for me to please bring them to a warm and loving home where they could be turned into something beautiful and interesting and begin to serve a purpose. So I did. The fabrics have become something useful with a purpose. I have put together a new series of my bags. Each one is different. No two are exactly alike. Each is fully lined. Measuring approx. 16x12x8. It has been a year or longer since I have put together a new color pallet for my AngiePangie bags. I thought I would offer them here to my readers first. Each bag is hand cut, stitched and assembled by me and my sewing machine. If you have an interest email me with the bag number (1 - 8) of your choice in the title please. I'll send you the paypal information to purchase one. Each bag is $22.50 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. I am offering them at cost of the fabrics and nothing more. Each bag is hand pieced and cut. This is a patchwork bag. It is not printed in patchwork. I pieced them myself to get a custom one of a kind look. The fabric is 7oz cotton duck. Very durable.
Bag #1
Bag #2
Bag #3
Bag #4
Bag #5
Bag #6
Bag #7
Bag #8
Each bag is fully reversable offering two bags in completely different looks.
None of the reverse interiors are exactly the same.
These bags are a great size for crochet/knitting projects, a diaper bag, as a beach bag, a handbag, a pajama/overnight bag for kids, a tote, a gift bag -so many uses. Actually they are a versitile bag that can serve many purposes and needs. These bags are with us women in mind, to use as we choose or need.
This is a gallon sized pitcher to show the roomy size of the bag. Big, but not too big.
The bags open fully and have a squared bottom.
The bottom measures approx. 8 inches across.
Each of the girls have one in fabrics that reflect their personalities and they use them to haul their libarary books back and forth. I use one as a light diaper bag now that Steven is out of that baby stage that requires everything and a kitchen sink to walk out of the house. This bag is a bag we made way back in the stone age days of Home Ec in junior high. We each made a bag so as to have something useful and durable to carry our future projects back and forth to school in. I have modified it a bit and adjusted the size (because size matters). I can make a larger or smaller bag if anyone is interested in a custom bag. So, since the sewing bug has bitten me you can see what I have been up to the last week or so.
Oh, that and being busy with church, guitar lessons, head colds and a teething baby, repotting houseplants, sewing a few seeds for fresh kitchen herbs and getting things in order for my spring garden. It is busy days around here now. We have put in a few blueberry bushes, three fig trees and I have pruned and tied the grape vines. Spring is coming! Can you hear it?
Although you wouldn't know it here if you spent last week enjoying 80 degree days and then suddenly it begins to rain, turns stone cold, sleets and then coveres everything in snow! What is your talent and why do you hide it under a bushel?




michelle said:

Lovely bags! You have a great eye for color & pattern

Kismet said:

Angie, those are just lovely!
I don't have talent, hidden or otherwise. Well, cooking, but we all gotta eat :)


Hope said:

Those are adorable!! Here I thought I was a big deal, because I painted some wooden letters and dyed a crinoline. I keep my talents hidden, least somebody wants me to actually work,lol.

kate said:

Oh Angie I love them! I think I will be emailing you soon. They are awesome1 I am in love with the colors and patterns.

kenju said:

Angie, you are a wonder! Are there 36 hours in your day? I cannot imagine where you find the time to make all those things and do everything else you do! They are great! I'd order one, but I have to tell you that I don't like pink, so if you make others that don't have any pink in them, I'll check them out!

Miz S said:

HA! "Size matters."

You don't sleep anymore, do you?


renn said:

I LOVE the bags! For the record, this is coming from a girl who buys pants with pockets to AVOID using a purse.

I scrapbook. Sometimes.

I also have a sewing machine and a great quantity of fabric. Sadly, I sew badly. My mum was planning to help me sew, and passed away unexpectedly last fall. I have yet to find anyone locally that sews, so all of my stuff is collecting dust.

countrymom said:

Great work!!! How fun ..
doesn't this weather sxxk!!!!!!!!!!

liz said:

Beautiful bags, quilt, and plants!

Julie said:

Great basket like tote bag. Tote bags are great instant gratification projects-quickly done and nice results.

I am so jealous of your mad skillz.

I scrapbook, when I have the time, and I love it.

the bee said:

Sad to say, the bee has no talent yet but at a mere 45 yrs old she is ever hopeful. I have always admired people who sew and craft, I am not one of them.
BTW, have you tried giving baby Steven a frozen waffle for teething ? My niece loved it !!
Of course you have to watch them like a hawk but that is fun. You are amazing !!!

ktjane said:

angie, you are so sweet! i'm so excited to get one of your bags for my friend, she is going to love it! thanks for including a little personal note in her package too. :)

oh, and my talent? photography! it's just finding the time to do it, of course.

Alison said:

I love these fabrics. My only crafting talent is with paper - I love making cards. I'm terrible with a needle and thread.

Thanks for the get well wishes on my blog. We're all doing better now.

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