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Remember those cute little skirts that wrapped around your waist and tied with a simple and quick bow at your hip? Sometimes they had a button on the waist instead of a tie? Yeah, those skirts. The really cute ones. I have made the girls a few to have something different to wear to church. You can make one in about an hour without a special pattern. Here is how to get a custom fit perfect for your height and your hips and waist line. Measure your waist. Let's say your waist is 30 inches. Take your measurement of 30 inches and add half to itself. 30 inches + 15 inches = 45 inches Now we need to figure the proper ratio of waist to hem. For the waistline we will multiply by 30%. 45inches x .3 = 13.5 (round up to 14 inches). Now let's figure the hem line by multiplying by 40%. 45 inches x .4 = 18 inches. Next is how long do you want your skirt? Shall it hit you at just above your knee or just below your knee? Measure from your waist to where you want your skirt to fall. In the deeper south we tend to wear our skirts much longer. For simplicity sake let's say you want your skirt to be 27 inches long. So we have three numbers. 14, 18 and 27. Let's add 3 inches to each number so we can account for seam allowance, waist band and hem. Our measurements become 17 inches, 21 inches and 30 inches. How will we make a skirt from just some numbers? Get out a piece of newspaper and a ruler and marking pen. Let's transfer those meaurements to newspaper to have something to work from. It is easiest to work from the centerfold of the paper.
It is not as hard as it may seem. You can draw this out on newspaper in just a matter of a couple of minutes.
Now that you have drawn your pattern, cut it out along the lines. Pin it to your pre-washed and ironed fabric and cut out 3 identical pieces.
With wrong sides together sew the side seams. With your iron press the seams open, nice and flat. While at the iron go ahead and fold over a the raw edges of your skirt on both sides (about 1/4 inch). Fold over again to hide those raw edges about 1/2 inch. Carefully run a seam along the inside folded edge on both ends of the skirt.
Next, go back to the iron and fold over a scant 1/4 at the waist and press it flat. Now fold over another inch and press that flat as well. This will form your wasitband. Stitch along the inner fold in a straight fine seam. At this point you can use ribbons or buttons to secure your skirt at your waist. You can also cut a thin strip of your fabric and create a tie belt. I usually cut a matching strip of fabric. It is easiest and the least expensive. If I have a spare button I might use it. It just depends on what I have available in my sewing box.
Add a simple button hole on the right side near the side seam for the tie to pass through and wrap around your back. Hem the bottom edge. In about an hour you have a nice new skirt. This pattern will work for any shape and size woman or girl. It is perfect for spring and summer. Many light weight fabrics are available on discount tables for often as little as $1 per yard. You could reasonably make a skirt for about $2 and your time. Most any fabric will work. But make sure your pre-wash it so that if it shrinks you won't have a too small skirt after you have taken the time to make it. This skirt look great paired with a simple T-shirt and a pair of sandles or cute slides. You can dress it up with a crisp light blouse as well. If you make one the next one will be even easier. Think of the cute wardrobe you could make over a weekend. Think how everyone will be asking you where you found such a cute skirt and you can say with pride, "I made it myself!" Today is Wednesday. Take a few minutes this evening and make the pattern. 15 minutes maybe. Thursday pick up about 2 yards of fabric. Maybe more if you want a longer skirt or you are a bigger girl. 30 minutes - it takes time to decide on the fabric! Also decide if you want a button or a tie. Friday lay out your fabric and pattern and cut the three pieces out. 15 minutes, tops. Saturday do the sewing. Remember, just sewing simple straight lines. Voile. You are finished. It hasn't taken much time. You haven't worried or stressed over it. You spent just a few minutes on the preparations. You didn't become frustrated and ready to throw it away. You didn't become overwealmed because you took each task one at a time. You can make another one with confidence and probably do it all in one sitting. Now, go forth and be creative. Then come back and show us what you are going to be wearing. :-) I made this one last night for Gracie. I timed myself. Start to finish 42 minutes. It might take you longer but once you get the hang of it you can whip out a skirt in no time flat.
Gracie was upset that she could not have one of the bags I had made. I used the scraps and pieced a much smaller bag for her. This size would work great for a lunchbag for those who carry their lunch to work.
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vicki said:

If I were you, right about now I would be humming, "I'm too crafty for my body, too crafty for my body..." I love the skirt pattern, Angie! And the way the purses look flat but square out on the bottom- good deal. But you know me, I'm eyeballing your pots of herbs. :-) Rich came back from Chicago the other day (we're still in Florida for a few more weeks) and said, "You know that plant that someone sent you when your mother died? Well, it's blooming at the office. It looks great and the Polish cleaning woman who has been watering it for me is very proud, too!" So, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you.

I'm immersed in yarn that just showed up on my doorstep- I sent out 8 pounds of alpaca and llama for spinning 9 months ago and it took so long to get it back I forgot about it. Lots of knitting ahead...

Donna said:

I think we are all intimidated by your many, many talents!! The wrap skirt is the first thing I learned to make in high school. I was so proud of myself!! I don't have access to a machine anymore. I can't even sew on buttons very well :(

How do you do it?

I am all thumbs. I can't sew a button on straight.

I loved those skirts..so comfortable.

You can make me one right?

For Kyle's graduation? Right?

I can't wait for my bag!!!!!!!!!!!

kenju said:

I love the little bag you made for Gracie.

I used to wear wrap skirts, but since my belly has added too many inches since then, I don't look good in them anymore.

kenju said:

I love the little bag you made for Gracie.

I used to wear wrap skirts, but since my belly has added too many inches since then, I don't look good in them anymore.

MommaK said:

Okay, it's settled. I'm going to kill myself now.

liz said:

Very cool. I wish I knew how to sew.

the bee said:

I am ashamed to tell you that I have buttons sewn on by the dry cleaner. My mom is a wonderful seamstress. I admire your talent and thanks to you I am learning from a friend how to can veggies and make jelly and jam. I will send you a sample when done. Also, we need a baby update.

eselmom said:

Ilove this skirt and you make it look do-able, but I don't sew. Can it be made with that sticky tape that you iron (stitch witchery, is that what it is called?)?

My brain is now mush. No one ever taught me to sew. I'd sew my thumb or shirt or something into the skirt. That's what I did in Girl Scouts when we made aprons. I sewed the apron to my jeans when adding the pocket. I wish I still had that apron...

Barb said:

What a peach you are! I've been wanting to make a wrap skirt for awhile now. I like that it will be custom fit to my measurements. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

Nikki said:

Thanks so much for putting the wrap skirt formula on here. I'm a bigger girl so wrap skirts in my size are very hard to find. Now I can make one for myself in no time.

Nikki said:

Thanks so much for putting the wrap skirt formula on here. I'm a bigger girl so wrap skirts in my size are very hard to find. Now I can make one for myself in no time.

Kelly said:

As a very beginner, this is a brilliant project for me. I have been loooking for a simple wrap skirt pattern and as I am off on holiday in few weeks time. I dislike all the fashions that are in the shops at the moment, and this is the perfect solution, I even get to choose my own fabric and colours.


Deborah said:

You could cut all the pieces out of two different fabrics and have a reversible little number!

Kelli said:

This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you. I hope to make many of these as holiday gifts.

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