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Wattles is the first to kid. Look at these babies born yesterday. Both are girls!



This is my venture into milk and meat. We'll see. (Yikes!)


The doe is a nubian x saaanan. The buck is a nubian x boer.


These girls are the first of the experiment to see if we can have both meat and milk at a reasonable time and expense.



How cute is that face?!


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kenju said:

Angie, they are so precious! Your kids are lucky to grow up with all the animals around!

Kimberly said:

So cute!!

Leanne said:

Awesome! My winner in last week's portrait giveaway was a goat named Pricilla - LOVED drawing her. I adore goats!!

Lanny said:

You will do fine producing good meat. We had a dairy goat herd averaging twenty, primarily Nubians, for twelve years. We produced meat that we ourselves couldn't afford to eat, the market here is bigger than the production and the price was great. And we produced it off of a strictly dairy herd as our buck was from champion bloodlines and produced champions in the dairy show ring. We had constant repeat meat customers who always came to us first, so it must have been well worth it. If I were to do it all over again, I would have my very dairy girls and a boer buck for breeding everything but the replacements. Selling for meat was way less stressful than producing and selling to the show folks.

Your kids are very cute, for now. Good job! Keep it up!

Amy said:

Awwww! Very cute!

hope said:

Cute kids, but where are the photos of Steven in his Easter outfit with the bunny?

Phyllis said:

Such a punim!

Jen said:

hi:)like ur blog:)how i wish i can have a life like urs:)the farm, the kids and the craft-making:)

Allison said:

Ooophh, I just want to scoop up the lamb and kiss kiss kiss it all over! (While trying not to think of the end result.)

Angie said:

That would be lovely, Allison, but these are goats 'kids' not sheep 'lambs'. :) They all need equal TLC.

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